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> On Jan 7, 2017, at 8:53 PM, Rick Walsh <rickmwalsh at> wrote:
> Have you ever talked to Jef about this? Because I'm sure he'd be willing to help figure this out.
> I haven't, mostly because it's my backup computer, so I don't care personally, but I suppose it would be good for completeness.  I downloaded the dives with the Hollis software, and the ceiling and deco time are recorded there, as well as the dive being tagged as "violation", so the computer is capable of transferring the data.  I'll send Jef an email directly.

Excellent. We haven't merged the very latest libdivecomputer into the Subsurface-branch, yet - Linus and I decided to do that after the 4.6 release (which I hope to do in the next week or two).

>> That all worked fine.  I noticed when viewing the dive details on <>, the dive notes show all the html tags.  Can this be fixed in the cloud backend?
> And again, I can't reproduce that :-(
> The notes are formatted as html because the dive was merged with a planned dive.  Maybe try reproducing like that. 

I will.

> If it helps and you are able, you have my permission to access my cloud account.  It's my most recent dive, 7 January 2017.  Alternatively, I can export the log and send it to you.

For those who are curious - I am of course not storing clear text passwords anywhere. So yes, since I control the server I could change the password for your account, but then you wouldn't be able to access it. I think the easiest would be if you could export that dive as XML and send it...

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