Rock bottom gas calculation in planner

Robert Helling helling at
Sun Jan 8 02:27:22 PST 2017


> On 07 Jan 2017, at 22:43, Rick Walsh <rickmwalsh at <mailto:rickmwalsh at>> wrote:
> I'm interested in hearing Robert's feedback on your suggestion, but would be happy to implement it when I get a chance (and that's been far too rarely lately) after 4.6 is out.

my concerns are pretty much the same: The planner already has almost too many parameters to configure. Not concentrating on the essentials has a real price in usability.

So adding two more parameters (problem solving time and emergency SAC or whatever you might call those) needs to be justified by the benefit. I am not going to add those for everybody just to please a single user. But if one can make the case that it benefits most users (in the sense of they care about the resulting information) then we should have those. I have done some googling on „Rock bottom gas“ and almost everybody has their own idea how to exactly calculate that. But indeed, the two parameter model fits many. So it might be something for 4.7. But I would love to have some more user input.

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