the road to 4.6 (mainly translations)

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Jan 8 13:07:46 PST 2017

Hi there

I'm beginning to get more comfortable with the amount of testing. I now see
30 Windows connections and another dozen on Mac - so the ratio feels about
right, too :-)

I just pushed the latest strings to Transifex, so if you are maintaining one of
our translations, now would be a perfect time to head over there and add
the missing strings to your translation.

Later today I plan to get the latest couple of changes from Anton into 
libdivecomputer (Linus is thankfully maintaining that for us these days).

I believe the user manual is in good shape - Willem said he was done unless
people had more ideas, and the Spanish translation is updated.

Any chance we'll get similar updates to French and Russian?

Anton, what's left for OSTC4 support?
And is there an easy fix for the AppImage to work, i.e., can we just remove
the chdir without things blowing up? or should we just document this for now 
and fix it for 4.6.1?

What else is in the works that should make it into 4.6?

Thanks everyone for your hard work over the past few weeks...


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