Testing 4.6 Beta

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Tue Jan 10 05:17:44 PST 2017

I did a quite a bit of testing of the beta on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and 
Win7. For testing, I propose that we work with a spreadsheet that lists 
most of the features of Subsurface, or better, a web-based form where a 
tester can check a box for each tested feature from a longer list. This 
way it is easier to understand which features have been looked at on 
which OS and to what depth.

A BUG? :

In testing on Linux and Windows, everything appeared ok. I came across 
one unexpected action on both Linux and Win7. I have a trip with several 
(4-10) dives from which I select the bottom-most (oldest) group of 
dives. Then, from the context menu I select "Remove dive(s) from trip". 
It appears that the top group of dives from that trip (the UNSELECTED 
(most recent) dives) are deleted and lost. I would have expected the 
bottom dives to appear as ungrouped dives immediately below the trip 
being edited (if dives are sorted by date in the dive list).

I tested most of the context menu actions for the dive list as well as 
the dive profile (except for CCR options). I also worked quite a bit 
with the options under File, Edit, import dive from dive computer (FTDI 
xfer from TUSA i900). Unfortunately my Galileo has been stolen - this is 
Africa; so I could not test that. I imported dives, grouped them into 
trips, played around with numbering, ungrouping, moving dives between 
trips, advancing dive times both forward and backwards, deleting dives, 
setting dive locations. Typing data into Notes panel, changing date and 
time, edit device name.

Kind regards,


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