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Rick Walsh rickmwalsh at
Sun Jan 15 14:25:16 PST 2017

On 16 January 2017 at 06:50, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> Robert fixed the heat map painting bug and the fix is so simple and
> obvious that I decided to take it.

Thanks for fixing the cap style Robert.  Reading the Qt documentation,
flatcap definitely appears correct, and I don't have access to my laptop
with linux and a build environment, but testing the latest Windows binary
(4.5.97-50-gfedadc65dbf8), the length of the heatmap has been corrected.

I noticed from the commitdiff that you removed the setWidthF line.  Is
there a reason for this?  It appears the slowest tissue line is twice the
width of the others, which suggests the pen is too wide and the tissues are
overlapping.  The tank bar is still slightly overlapping the heatmap.
Sorry, I can't test at the moment, but shouldn't we keep setWidth?  Maybe
it needs to be reduced from what it was before, if that was the cause of
the overlap with the tank bar.

Dirk, this is minor, cosmetic, and only apparent when zooming into the
heatmap far closer than usual - it is not worth holding up a release.


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