website improvements and translations

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Jan 20 06:48:44 PST 2017

Quick question... I had set up the git repository that reflects the
website content at hoping
that this would make it easier for people to 

a) improve the text on the website overall - and thanks to Henrik and a
couple others (I don't ask for SOBs for the website, so I only know your
github names, fezzington and h2sk1) for providing improvements


b) make it easier to translate the announcement and other posts into our
key languages.

The website has far fewer languages than the app itself; we have most
content in Spanish (a HUGE thank you to Salvador), some in German (mein
Tauch-Deutsch ist schrecklich), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish,
Polish and Russian. But so far the announcement has only been translated
into Spanish, and I don't think I've seen any other pull requests to fix
the rest of the translations (many of the pages have greatly diverged from
the English master pages, according to Google Translate).

So I wonder if people just don't have time (trust me, that I understand),
aren't interested (also understandable), if this still is too hard with
all the HTML and special code for the theme and the shortcodes that allow
me to link to the various files and versions. If it's the latter, I'd love
to hear ideas how to fix this to make it easier. My assumption had been
that this git repo would be much easier than giving people access to the
WordPress site...

So basically I'm trying to figure out how to get more translations and
updates to the existing translations - ideally without over-burdening a
small group of people who already do most of the work.



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