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Federico Masias fede at
Fri Jan 20 22:30:02 PST 2017

Hi all,

I've been poking around the website some, and have come up with the
following list of things that might be good to add/change:

   - Re-Organize/Add to the FAQs
   - Removing "Contributing to Subsurface" from the Documentation page and
   making it its own page, featuring info about developing, user
   documentation, and translations
   - Creating a new video tutorial -- the current one is of version 4.0 and
   much has changed. (i.e. Package managers instead of Appimages, a new
   website, and new tabs amongst others. Also, there's some nonsense about
   metric being superior to imperial ;-) )
   - Adding a "Quick Start" page -- basically a tl;dr of the User Manual
   meant to get people engaged quickly. If a new video is made, this might
   even be a text version of the same presentation
   - Reorganize the main menu. This one is debatable, but something about
   the current order just seems off to me.
   - Feature the mobile app more prominently. Currently, the only mention
   of it I see is the user manual on the Documentation page -- it's not on the
   front page, in downloads, or in the list of supported OSes.

Do any of these seem like they're more important than others? I know the
mobile app is up for debate/having issues right now, so I'd imagine that
last one wouldn't be until after a decision has been reached on that. Are
any totally unnecessary?

Also, Hartley, I know you had some ideas about the FAQ and improving/adding
to it. Any thoughts on how to section off the list so it doesn't seem as
unorganized as it currently does?

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