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Sat Jan 21 14:16:17 PST 2017

Thanks for the clarification. I thought I would mention it because of the error with the storage.

Looks like it were 2 separate issues.



On 21 jan. 2017 23:05 +0100, Robert Helling <helling at>, wrote:
> Hi,
> > On 21 Jan 2017, at 15:18, <martin at (mailto:martin at> <martin at (mailto:martin at> wrote:
> > I sort of cheated by switching to the English English version. I switched back to Dutch and the date/time error was thrown again.
> >
> > The format is: ddd d MMM yyyy
> > The format for short format is: dd-MM-yy
> >
> I had time to look at this. Turns out, all is fine. This is not an error but a warning that the hyphens („minus signs“) in the short format don’t have any special meaning (like the dd for example that is replaced by the day number) and thus show up as hyphens in the date string. Nothing to worry about. We introduced that warning as people put things like „DD“ in the format string and wondered (read: complained) that that did not properly translate to day numbers. So we warn about anything in the format that is not in the list on . Those characters simply appear in the date string and that might well be what you intended. Maybe the text of the warning is not optimal.
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> Robert

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