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Federico Masias fede at
Sun Jan 22 22:41:09 PST 2017

Awesome. I'm usually more reachable by email (this address sends to my
phone), though obviously github/wordpress will eventually have to be
involved as we change things around. I'm trying to get used to the divi
builder in the meantime -- though it appears one can't switch back and
forth between it and the native Wordpress builder, which makes it a pain to
get the markup out from a sandbox post to upload.

For the re-organization, I was thinking:

   - General Info (OS Support, the "Why should I use" question)
   - Installations
   - Usage
   - OS Specific Issues (sub headings for Linux, macOS, Mobile, and Windows)

And all of this with anchor point headers so they can be referenced from a
menu at the top, or directly from another page's link (a la Wikipedia). I'm
not super attached to those headings, so I'd love feedback on that.

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