Android beta... - FTDI download

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Jul 12 03:39:37 PDT 2017

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 08:09:01AM +0200, Werner Macho wrote:
> It seems that being "a quiet, non-coding, time-limited
> reader of your mailing list" is unfortunately also true for me.

I think this is true for a lot of people here. We have about 280
subscribers to the mailing list and my guess would be that about half of
them are fairly quiet most of the time :-)

> But I also want to share my current experience.
> Some weeks ago I was able to download from my OSTC sport to my Oneplus X
> with lineageOS.
> Now this has unfortunately changed.
> Installed is latest LineageOS 14.1 from 6.July 2017
> OSTC sport is latest firmware v10.37
> bluetooth is paired but there is no connection with download.
> From what I can see in the log.
> 2.0( Android Nougat (7.1): arm:en-GB""0.002: build with Qt
> Version 5.9.1, runtime from Qt Version 5.9.1"
> localBtDevice isn't valid

OK, so that means your Bluetooth is turned off. We should simply complain
about that.

> Bt device offline
> Failed to connect to device cannot determine address if dive computer .
> Device state QBluetoothSocket::UnconnectedState .
> Error:QBluetoothSocket::NetworkError
> Finishing the thread Insufficient privileges to open the device %s %s (%s)
> dives downloaded 0 no new dives downloaded.
> ...
> ...
> I realised that bluetooth is still off. Is there a way to activate
> bluetooth automatically when the bluetooth checkbox is checked?

That's something I don't like - we should tell the user that it's off,

> After activating bluetooth the lines from "Bt device offline" downwards
> changed to:
> Connnecting via insecure rfcomm
> Connecting socket
> The connection step took more than expected.
> Wait another 20 seconds
> Falling back to reverse uuid workaround.
> Workaround failed
> Failed to connect ........ same as above
> I afterwards also checked with my backup mobile (no custom firmware - just
> plain old Android 4.4.2) to make sure it is not a mobile or Android problem.
> The same results.

Could you send the complete logfile with Bt turned on before you start
Subsurface-mobile? With just the snippets it's a bit hard to understand
what's going on.

I don't think that it makes any difference, but I pushed -390 to
download/test a few hours ago.


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