subsurface Digest, Vol 68, Issue 55

Matthias Heinrichs matthias.heinrichs at
Thu Jul 13 05:01:30 PDT 2017


> From: Werner Macho <werner.macho at>
> To: Subsurface Mailing List <subsurface at>
> Subject: Testing v392 with OSTC Sport
> There is no reaction when I switch the Dive Computer to "OSTC Sport" but
> accidentally I hit the retry button while the Dive Computer was set to
> "OSTC 3" and everything worked.

How is the App deciding to which BLE device it's connecting?

To download the logs, both versions (hwOS2 Tech and Sport) are 
compatible and the Bluetooth name should not matter. OSTC4 is different, 
of course.


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