[PATCH] iOS build with BT

Robert Helling helling at atdotde.de
Thu Jun 1 12:43:32 PDT 2017


I finally managed to build and run the mobile app for iOS with bluetooth enabled. Here is a patch to make that work:

When I run it and ask the phone to download dives, I get the following on the console:

Starting download from BT
Starting the thread 0
INFO: FTDI disabled
Failed to connect to device /tmp/ttyS1 . Device state QBluetoothSocket::UnconnectedState . Error: QBluetoothSocket::SocketError( -2 )
[5.261126] ERROR: Failed to open the serial port. [in ../../libdivecomputer/src/hw_ostc3.c:344 (hw_ostc3_device_open)]
INFO: dc_deveice_open error value of -6
Finishing the thread Unzureichende Privilegien zum Öffnen von Gerät %s %s (%s) dives downloaded 0
qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:118:12 <qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:118:12>: Unable to assign [undefined] to QString
qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:117:15 <qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:117:15>: Unable to assign [undefined] to QString
qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:116:15 <qrc:///qml/DownloadFromDiveComputer.qml:116:15>: Unable to assign [undefined] to QString

 Not yet perfect, but looks promising. That’s it for tonight.

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