Help installing Subsurface in Ubuntu?

Frank O'Donnell ssf at
Sun Jun 4 18:24:28 PDT 2017

Hi, I'm looking for help installing Subsurface under Ubuntu 16.04. One 
of my primary interests is to build smtk2ssrf in order to convert older 
Uwatec .slg files to XML. I have a general familiarity with Linux but am 
completely new to working with distributions using packaging tools such 
as PPA.

I've read over section 5.3.4 of the Subsurface 4.6 User Manual 
("Importing Scubapro SmartTrak divelogs") and the section on Linux at From the latter, on my Ubuntu 
16.04 system I tried executing this line:


But I get an error:

bash: ppa:subsurface/subsurface: No such file or directory

Obviously there's some additional setup I need to do. Could I possibly 
trouble you for a more detailed walkthrough of the steps I need to take 
to install Subsurface and generate smtk2ssrf? Thanks much in advance.

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