Help installing Subsurface in Ubuntu?

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Mon Jun 5 23:52:08 PDT 2017

Good morning Frank, Rick

2017-06-06 6:04 GMT+02:00 Frank O'Donnell <ssf at>:

> On 6/5/17 8:36 PM, Rick Walsh wrote:
> Sorry, my instructions missed that.  The easiest way to create the build
> directory is to let it be created when running the script.  After
> that, configure ccmake and run again.
> cd ~/src
> ./subsurface/scripts/
> (assuming all build correctly)
> cd subsurface
> ccmake build
> cd ..
> ./subsurface/scripts/
> (builds Subsurface again, this time including the import tool; it won't
> take nearly as long since you've already built Subsurface once)
> Thanks. I noticed as ran (what was planned to be the first time),
> it appeared mostly normal but very occasionally there were some displays
> scrolling by that could have been warnings. At the very end of running
>, it ended with this:
>     CMake Error: The source directory "/home/frank/src/subsurface/build"
> does not appear to
>         contain CMakeLists.txt.
>     Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.
>     make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
> When I then tried executing "ccmake build", it repeated the first two
> lines of this error message, and the only option presented was to exit.

Last night sent a PR to github, which changes all building for smarttrak
importer making it easier (hopefully).  The user  will only have to run a
script, in the same fashion works.

It tries to find libmdb.a so if it's not installed, will download mdbtools
and build it.  The only dependencies will be glib-2.0  (libglib2.0 in
debian/ubuntu) and having built subsurface as a firs step.

So if Rick's instructions fail, just wait a couple of days.

Best regards.

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