ASSERT: "bytes <= bufferSize" in file tools/qringbuffer.cpp, line 74

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Tue Jun 13 07:08:15 PDT 2017

On terça-feira, 13 de junho de 2017 03:09:51 PDT Linus Torvalds wrote:
> I seem to be the only one getting this, and I don't get it reliably
> either. It seems to be timing-related somehow, because it never
> happens under gdb, but I *can* catch it with a core-dump and then get
> gdb to show me where it is. Backtrace appended in case it makes
> anybody go "yeah".
> This may be because I'm doing something wrong when I had to build my
> own Qt-5.9 (for doing BT). It seems to be some interaction with
> Marble.

The reason you may be getting this and no one else is that you did build your 
Qt so it's got assertions enabled. For everyone else, with them disabled, the 
code is just faulty but silent.

>   (gdb) p bytes
>   $1 = 115
>   (gdb) p bufferSize
>   $2 = 0

Any other threads running at this time? This smells like a race condition and 
caused by the Marble's "don't print debug" debugging functionality.

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