Bug: VPMB profile on latest executable

Robert Helling helling at atdotde.de
Sun Jun 18 13:01:57 PDT 2017


> On 18. Jun 2017, at 21:31, Stefan Fuchs <sfuchs at gmx.de> wrote:
> Just back from my family holiday...
> I can reproduce this issue under Windows 10 with a build based on latest master.
> It behaves exactly as Willem is saying: After Subsurface start the Subsurface generated VPM-B ceiling in the profile for any logged dive is crap. After you once start the planner the result looks different and better but still not 100% sure if it is correct.
> I somehow have the feeling that the VPM-B calculation is not feed with correct (init) values unless you once start the planner.

didn’t have time to investigate this. But it could be that my recent cleaning up the planner patches did the harm. Could you check that by undoing those?

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