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Jockes apart the pink palette stands out.
I really liked both.

I am wondering if at some point I will regret this joke.

Santi diving has even a tagline for women gear line: Women first!
Everything of proper pink color of course!
Should we differentiate download by sex?

Umm, No.

While the pink subsurface was cooking I recorded a video. Watch it in 720p.


I noticed that tapping a dive, for a moment it's selected in the same color
as the trip bar. Once I came back to the dive list the color is different.

I have noticed this as well, but have not been able to track down why that
is the case.

Maybe one is selected active and when coming back to the list is selected

Moreover with that dark selection background color I think white text is
more appropriate.
How I deselect a dive?

You can't in the mobile UI.

Can you propose the matching text colors to go with the three colors that
you proposed?

Right now I use

property color darkPrimaryColor: "#303F9f"
property color darkPrimaryTextColor: "#ECECEC"
property color primaryColor: "#3F51B5"
property color primaryTextColor: "#ECECEC"
property color lightPrimaryColor: "#C5CAE9"
property color lightPrimaryTextColor: "#212121"

II haven't a desktop right now so it's difficult playing with colors and
hex numbers now. Tomorrow morning (cet)

Last thing: look at the screenshot attached. My dive #151is a lonely dive
between two trips. Even with the closing line it's not very clear its2 not
part of the trip above.
What do you think?

What would you suggest I should do to make it stand out more? I thought the
lack of a bar on the left makes it fairly clear...

Leave it. We have a good overall dive list now.
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