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>> I noted some discussion in the past (I think it was on this thread)
>> about adding in the "dive type" (OC, CCR, FREE) to the dive list.  I
>> think that could be valuable, especially for those preparing for
>> certifications on different equipment.  Perhaps that could fit between
>> the dive time and the dive number?  Perhaps there could be a setting
>> to display it or not?

>Again, something that a few people like, many others don't care about
>(especially those of us for whom every single dive would get the same
>marker). And adding configuration options makes things harder to use,
>harder to document, and harder to test. So unless there is strong support
>from a LOT of users, I don't think I'll add that.

I don't find the tagging of dive type useful.  Different users will want to
categorize dives differently than just the dive type.  Recently I was asked
about the number of recent dives deeper than 30m.  Rather than cluttering
the dive list, ideally I'd want a filtering function, not a visual aid in
the list.  I use the desktop version for that.

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