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> This is just a concept of an idea to indicate a date with each dive trip.
See attached image. I think only the month and year are really important
within this context. I was thinking of how to include the date and take up
as little space as possible in the trip header, leaving maximal space for
the text. This is also a concept without taking into account what may be
do-able within QML. The probability is quite large that it is not do-able.

1) Is this an aesthetically acceptable way of approaching showing the date
for each dive trip?
2) The date takes up 2 lines. Look at the top header of the three with a
date. What to do in the case of a dive trip that fits on one line?

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We could just flow the rex on two rows and then add date in short form with
a light font.
In this way the space you used for the date would be used for a fancy
icon/image which pressed expand/collapse the trip.

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