Dive download crash - Qt model issues

Thiago Macieira thiago at macieira.org
Sat Jun 24 11:36:47 PDT 2017

On sábado, 24 de junho de 2017 11:05:25 PDT you wrote:
> The solution to that problem is "--developer-build".  That actually
> does exactly the right thing from a "build one single app against the
> special Qt tree that has a couple of experimental patches"
> perspective.

You can just do -prefix $PWD/qtbase if you're building from the top-level 

You can also build only qtconnectivity on top of your existing libs and not 
install it. With LD_LIBRARY_PATH and QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variables set, 
you should be able to run without installing too.

> Honestly, I'd probably prefer a non-debug developer mode, but the
> extra debug printouts it also seems to cause were actually super
> helpful for getting BLE going.

That should not have affected the debugging output... It seems to be a Fedora 

You can override it by setting QT_LOGGING_RULES=*.debug=true

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