BLE download from EON Steel on Android

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Sun Jun 25 02:18:09 PDT 2017

On 25 Jun. 2017 16:03, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at> wrote:


I pushed out your changes to master.
With the latest Subsurface master and libdc Subsurface-branch I was able
to download dives from my EON Steel via BLE on Android.

Well, I was able to do it exactly once. I used the Nordic app to bond the
dive computer, then started the download from Subsurface. It worked

Since then I haven't been able to get the EON Steel to connect to my
phone... there's clearly some magic order of things that I happened to get
right that one time but don't quite know how to reproduce. But that said,
I had one successful attempt. And yes, you are right. This is SLOW.

Anyway, if others want to try, the APK with which this worked for me is

Testing, success and failure stories, and of course patches are welcome

I just successfully downloaded dives from my Petrel 2 to my Galaxy S7 with
the .283 apk. I don't know if it was over Bluetooth or BLE  (both the dc
and phone claim to suport both), but it was the first time I've been able
to download to my phone (maybe it would have worked with regular bt if I'd
paired previously). It was slow, but it worked.
Hundreds/thousands of messages about "unable to assign [undefined] to

Thanks for the great work Linus and Dirk.
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