Subsurface-mobile with BT and BLE support [was Re: updates to libdc with ABI change]

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Fri Jun 30 02:58:13 PDT 2017

On 30-06-17 10:46, Jan Mulder wrote:
> On 30-06-17 00:31, Anton Lundin wrote:
>> I tested this to, against a OSTC4, and I actually got some data back.
>> It looks scrambled, and haven't had the time to decipher what might
>> be wrong.
> Checked your btle_ostc4.txt and see that you are connecting to the 
> wrong service. You need to connect to
> the service starting with 0000fefb (which is the Stollmann Terminal IO 
> thingy). And yes, the
> current master selects the wrong service, so you have to adapt the 
> code for that. In addition, you need
> to select the proper characteristic to receive notifications. I have 
> added a patch from Linus (from yesterday)
> the takes care of selecting the proper characteristic, and one of mine 
> to select the proper service (and
> mine contains also a lot of debug crap, so be careful if you want to 
> apply this).
> And the bad news is .... with all this I still cannot get downloaded 
> data from my OSTC3 (but it
> selects download mode correctly).

Ok, reading the Stollmann TIO doc carefully, it is clear that we do not 
correctly follow the mandatory initialization
of the connection to the Terminal IO. So my guess at this point is, that 
that is the main reason things do not work. I am
working on an improved implementation of the TIO handling, and taking 
care not to break other BLE stuff. Hopefully
later today an update on this.


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