Belated introduction and a couple of questions

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Jun 30 15:38:40 PDT 2017

Hi Robert,

Welcome again to the Subsurface developer team :-)

> On Jun 30, 2017, at 3:11 PM, Robert Bodily <robert at> wrote:
> Which brings me to my questions:
> 1) Is there any way to know what changes are contained in an install image
> from the dev/test builds section of the website?  The reason I ask is that
> the current Windows build (subsurface-4.6.4-195-g5c1d67e0c1e6.exe) is dated
> 2017-06-15 and the file I patched (core/liquivision.c) also shows that it
> was checked in on the same day but the issues that I addressed in the patch
> do not appear to be resolved with this version so I don't know if the build
> occurred before or after the patch was applied.

You can look at the SHA of the commit in the filename and that tells you what
is included and what isn't. And sadly - that's the commit RIGHT BEFORE yours.


> 2) Is there any schedule for builds, either dev/test or release?  I see on
> the dev/test builds web page that it's "whenever Dirk remembers to do so"
> and I understand that Dirk, Linus, and many others have been working
> diligently to get BLE comms working so I do not mean for this to interfere
> with that work.  At the same time, from an admittedly purely selfish
> standpoint, I'm currently unable to use Subsurface to import my divelogs
> because one of the issues I fixed is a fatal buffer overflow that occurs
> during import.  So, assuming that my patch didn't make the last build, I'd
> really like to get my hands on a build that contains that patch.

It's really, really, really as simple as dropping me a note saying
"Hey, Dirk, please build a new test version for Windows"
and usually within 24 hours you'll get one (assuming I'm not on
a plane flying to a place with no internet connection - that happens,
but not all that often (sadly - "bad internet connection" is almost always
a sign of "I'm diving on a small island" :-) )

While writing this response, I actually did just that and new Windows
binaries are now available...


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