test builds

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Fri Jun 30 16:37:31 PDT 2017

New binaries are up for Windows, Mac, and Android.
All the Linux bulds (OBS and Launchpad) failed. I need to look into why.
The first one I looked into seemed to be because of a Qt version that's
too old (and doesn't have some interfaces that we use). So I may have to
make some of our code conditional on recent Qt versions. Oh well.

I also need to find time to get the Perdix AI working on Android (hoping
that Linus can help me with that before he gets sucked into the merge

And I need to figure out what's up with BLE on Mac.

And I need to try all this on iOS.

And I need to continue my work on the Subsurface-mobile UI.

And... oh well, I'll just stop listing my todo list.

Anyway, have fun testing with the new binaries. It seems like we are SO
CLOSE with the BLE support on Android...


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