Literal characters

Davide DB dbdavide at
Wed Mar 1 07:40:54 PST 2017

Ok Ok don't shoot on the pianist :)
I'm a programmer too and as I wrote I know the meaning of literal.
I just did not understand what the hell it means in the Subsurface UI.
Lubomir explanation is perfect.
Later during transaltion I found the string:

<html><head/><body><p>Preferred date format. Commonly used fields
are</p><p>d (day of month)</p><p>ddd (abbr. day name)</p><p>M (month
number)</p><p>MMM (abbr. month name)</p><p>yy/yyyy (2/4 digit

And immediately "literal" made sense to me.


A lot of things are changed!

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