Subsurface-Mobile download from dive computer

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Mar 2 11:31:43 PST 2017

> On Mar 2, 2017, at 10:48 AM, Willem Ferguson <willemferguson at> wrote:
> Hallo Dirk,
> I am in a position now to try some more towards achieving FTDI downloads.
> Between April 2016 and now one hell of a lot has changed on the QML side. Most importantly, Kirigami (largely?) replaced mobilecomponents. The folder mobile-widgets replaced the previous qt-mobile.
> 1) What of the archived mobilecomponents code for downloadFromDiveComputer from 2016 is still usable? Would it be better to start from scratch?

It should still mostly work. I haven't played with it in a while, but I don't think the changes required should be too hard.

> 2) Do you have any useful reference material about Kirigami?

We are still using Kirigami 1, so that would be

> 3) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'd start with that see where you get stuck. Marco ist still on the mailing list and usually extremely helpful when you have specific questions.


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