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Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Fri Mar 10 00:28:23 PST 2017

On 09 March, 2017 - John Smith wrote:

> I am playing with the planner and have a few questions, hopefully showing my lack of knowledge rather than bugs [😊]
> I have running on W10.
> Firstly, although i have all the ascent rates set to 10m/min, the ascent rate in the profile window shows 9m/min.

After some testing, i think this is due to that all the spinboxes
doesn't trigger update on the plan. Try to change the depth or duration
up and down and the plan will be re-calculated with the right values.

This loks to be a bug.

> Secondly, I cannot set the altitude to 0m and the Atm pressure to 1000mbar. I also found that as soon as you change the altitude to a negative value, the atm pressure changes too 689mbar whatever the altitude values is.

... desktop-widgets/diveplanner.cpp:225

void DivePlannerWidget::heightChanged(const int height)
	int pressure = (int) (1013.0 * exp(- (double) units_to_depth((double) height) / 7800000.0));

... core/dive.c:251

unsigned int units_to_depth(double depth)

Robert: You wrote the heightChanged code, can you fix that?

> Finally, in almost all of the profiles I generated, the calculated ceiling. information window and tissues seem to show that deco is clear some time before the profile shows it is time to ascend

Thats due to the fact that the planner works with "steps" of minutes
there. It waits until the next full minute before moving on.


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