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Mon Mar 13 04:15:05 PDT 2017

On 13-03-2017 10:52, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> From phone. Alessandro,  you need to know whether the Smartek does 
> only serial infrared (SIR) or fast infrared (FIR). Then you need to 
> understand whether your Linux driver does any or both of these speeds. 
> Maybe it is a speed issue? If I remember correctly, the Linux driver I 
> use allows speed selection. The Galileo also has a menu setting to 
> choose between slow and fast infrared. Does the Smartek have anything 
> similar?
> Kind regards, Willem.
Hi all:

After years of using my infrared receiver with different Linux distros, 
it stopped working a few weeks ago. Now I can only download dives from 
my Uwatec Tec 2G using smarttrak software inside my Windows XP virtual 

I don't remember exactly what message did my system spit when I try to 
load the driver, but its some kind of error configuring the device. I'll 
try again later this week and I'll get back here with more details.

Anyway, I believe it might be related to any change either in systemd...

Just my 2 cents...

All the best:

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