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Fri Mar 24 02:59:32 PDT 2017

On 20-03-17 21:32, Rick Walsh wrote:
> On 20 Mar 2017 06:35, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at 
> <mailto:dirk at>> wrote:
>     > On Mar 18, 2017, at 5:10 PM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at
>     <mailto:dirk at>> wrote:
>     >
>     > I spent a day trying to fix the selection bug in
>     Subsurface-mobile that
>     > Willem and others have reported. When you tap on a dive in the
>     dive list,
>     > you often (but not always) get the next dive down the list
>     (i.e., the dive
>     > one before the dive that you wanted, given the ordering of the
>     dive list).
>     >
>     > In the process I think I managed to clean up some of the code
>     and remove
>     > some obsolete code, but unfortunately the problem itself still isn't
>     > fixed. Certain cases that used to reliably fail now work at
>     times, but it
>     > still isn't "simply correct".
>     >
>     > I thought I understood how our use of the QML ListView works,
>     and I'm
>     > baffled why the wrong item is shown. Printing debug output isn't
>     all that
>     > helpful because this is not a procedural language, so it's hard
>     to make
>     > sure that the debug code actually runs when you want it to run.
>     >
>     > Any help would be welcome. I'm running out of time today, I'll
>     try to make
>     > new beta apps for Android and iOS so people can test.
>     A new Android apk is in daily:
>     <>
> I've tested that daily a little. On my Samsung Galaxy s6.
>     I also have a new iOS build, but that I need to send to the Beta
>     channel
>     because I can't create a .ipa that will install on a random iOS
>     device (thanks,
>     Apple). Then again, we have only ~250 users on iOS, so this isn't
>     really
>     a popular platform for us.
>     In my testing so far I see two major differences:
>     a) it seems to reliably show the correct dive (good)
> I'm reliably shown the correct dive.
>     b) when you tap on a dive that's later in time, it sometimes
>     renders ALL
>     of the dives (in the background) and seems to be hung for a long time
>     (depending on how many dives are in your dive list, I guess), before
>     it finally shows the right one (REALLY bad)
> I can't reproduce that.
>     I guess that's progress? Not sure.
>     Testing and help in fixing the problem would be very welcome
> I'm not able to do any fixing at the moment but happy to test when I 
> get the chance.
> A couple of small but annoying bugs I noticed:
> In editing dive notes, the Android keyboard never automatically 
> capitalizes the first letter of a sentence. In other apps it does. Not 
> sure if this can be changed in qml.
> The back button from the gps preferences (possibly some other pages 
> too) doesn't work. Hit it a second time and the app closes.
It is really weird that I can reproduce these issues, and Rick can not. 
I suspect some timing issues involved, as I am testing on  a phone that 
less powerful than Rick uses.

For the record: I first test on the desktop compiled for mobile, and 
finally verify on the phone. Up to now, I have not found any differences 
between these platforms, but obviously, there are differences (like 
screensize and not having rotate sensors on the desktop).

This all being said. I just did a pull request (#275) that solves the 
enumerate loop, and in addition the issue #263, and different dive shown 
than selected. Al least, It solves it for me, but boarder testing is 
required, as it it still a mystery.



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