Please build for Mac / Bluetooth progress

Robert Helling helling at
Mon May 1 11:59:35 PDT 2017


if you find the time, could you please create a build for Mac so the users who complained about not being able to connect to OSTC could check the patch I submitted recently.

Short report on my (non-)progress with OSTC Sport :

Downloading dives works now with the qt bluetooth.

Downloading the settings does not as it always fails at some point (btw, our error handling is virtually not there. We leave both subsurface and the dive computer in a bad state). But if I pair the OSTC through the OS, I can connect to the then created device in /dev and then both downloading and uploading settings works, so it’s really in our use of QtBluetooth. Turns out, these connection errors are not particularly easy to debug…

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