Ratio iX3M connection fails

Jef Driesen jef at libdivecomputer.org
Sun May 7 00:22:54 PDT 2017

On 07-05-17 07:07, Miika Turkia wrote:
> We have a bug report that iX3M download does not work after latest
> firmware update. Do you Jef (or anyone else) have ideas what is going
> on?
> https://github.com/Subsurface-divelog/subsurface/issues/387

The ix3m protocol doesn't support memory dumps. It will fail immediately with 
DC_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED with doing any communication. That's why the log file 
doesn't show anything useful. Instead of downloading a memory dump, just do a 
normal download with only the logfile checkbox enabled, and attach that logfile 
to the bug report. That should tell us more.


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