Dive duration format in dive list table, info/stats tabs and many other places

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at gmx.de
Fri May 12 14:37:28 PDT 2017

Hi All,

sorry to bother you all with a really minor topic which is the format
used to display the dive duration almost everywhere in Subsurface.

Dirk added a preferences option for this a few days ago:

I then had the feeling that I want to add s.th. on top of this and then
Dirk and me had some longer discussion ;-)
Well, we first found out that Dirk and me wanted to have some items
differently... that's no surprise with items like this - I have the
feeling we found or can find a compromise.
But then we also found out that Dirks new preferences option is up to
now not used consistently because we currently have two functions in
parallel which are creating the dive duration string.

And then I created this which is trying to use only one function (the
new one from Dirk) for the dive duration everywhere and also implements
some small ideas/modifications from my side in terms of format:

This would please need some review and testing now!

BTW: This also would support an additional small preferences option to
enable/disable display of units ("m" or "ft" and "h"+"min") in the dive
list table. I shouldn't have written this - Dirk will run away screaming
now... ;-)

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
E-Mail: sfuchs at gmx.de <mailto:sfuchs at gmx.de>

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