[PATCH] Visualisation of individual oxygen sensor data for CCR dives

Davide DB dbdavide at gmail.com
Wed May 17 12:56:31 PDT 2017

I uploaded a zip containing 54 eccr dives obtained via dctool from a
JJ Petrel controller.


All dives use 0,7 and 1,2 as setpoints.

I hope they could be useful for testing this and future features. Just
keep them for future reference.

It's a shame I was not able to download all dives (108) from that
unit. He had a complete set of dives between sensor changes.
I always get a timeout error. I tried dozen of times without luck.
Host was a iMac. ATM I have no chance to find another computer.

INFO: Read: size=0, data=
ERROR: Failed to receive the response packet. [in
../../source/src/shearwater_common.c:319 (shearwater_common_transfer)]
ERROR: Failed to download the dive. [in
[39.029349] ERROR: Error downloading the dives. [in
../../source/examples/dctool_download.c:218 (download)]
[39.029480] INFO: Write: size=9, data=FF0105002E902000C0
[39.681489] ERROR: Timeout

On Petrel display I just get Bluetooth error: Send packet Err. (dc has
a new Saft battery).

Sometimes I got the error just few seconds after the start, sometimes
at the end of the Petrel countdown.
How does it work? Is it a watchdog or he pretends to complete the full
download within 3 minutes?

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