CCR testing and other observations

Steve stevewilliams at
Wed May 24 03:30:52 PDT 2017

Using the latest 4.6.4 on Windows 10

See attached screen capture: subsurface-error01.jpg

Seems I had an issue with unknown cylinder(s), and I have noticed that
diluent and oxygen are now missing from the equipment cylinder "Use" list.
Error message:  unknown cylinder key/value pair (used/)
I checked the xml file and found the cylinders were listed as free or free
Removed the use manually and reloaded the xml log file and it has been ok

See image: CCR_dive_profile_f22.jpg

I have never been able to get my dil and 02 to show together properly as in
the above image from the Subsurface user manual.
Not sure if that is related to not being able to select the proper gas use

See attached screen capture: subsurface-error02.jpg

I managed to get the display error that I have reported earlier but rarely
able to reproduce reliably and still can't.
You can see it in the tags area where the text is missing but the coloured
bubbles are still present.
At the time I was selecting the whole tag line so left click and drag over
it when it happened.

See attached screen capture: subsurface-OSTC3+ccr-o2.jpg

I did update the firmware to the latest 2.15 so that may (or not) be causing
it to report incorrectly.
Downloading from my OSTC3+ diving with fixed setpoint (no connection to
actual o2 cells) in ccr mode.
It picks up that it is a ccr dive but the red setpoint line in the bottom of
the profile is at 0 and the green o2 line follows depth when it should be
table flat.
It also make all the deco and tissue heatmap calcs all incorrect.
In the past it picked up my fixed setpoint correctly and the red setpoint
and green o2 line was drawn correctly as a constant flat line and the deco
and tissue heatmap calcs were correct.

My Ratio ix3m downloads from the dive computer have never picked up that I
am doing ccr dives and I have just been clicking the dropdown box and
changing them manually from oc to ccr.
The surface pressure has also always been off (read10.xx bar instead of 1.xx
bar) and I have always just manually changed it in the xml file but that is
probably not a good option for the rest of the users.
Also Ratio ix3m downloads have not worked since new firmware update but I
have been working with Jef to get him some test data and he has that fixed
so if we pull the libdivecomputer changes in I will be able to test.

I can report that the android mobile version is working well on the new
Samsung S8+ large screen size and the black box measured in at 19.xx mm.

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