CCR testing and other observations

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Wed May 24 04:37:38 PDT 2017

On 24/05/2017 12:30, Steve wrote:
> See image: CCR_dive_profile_f22.jpg
> I have never been able to get my dil and 02 to show together properly as in
> the above image from the Subsurface user manual.
> Not sure if that is related to not being able to select the proper gas use
> above?
Steve, what rebreather are you diving?
Poseidon MkVI is the only CCR that I know of that natively logs cylinder 
pressures. I assume this is purely an issue to download a Petrel dive 
into a CCR dive.
We deal with Petrel logs used with APD Inspiration CCRs here, and of 
course there are no cylinder pressure data because they are neither 
measured nor recorded. As far as I am aware the display worked ok at 
least until very recently.
> See attached screen capture: subsurface-OSTC3+ccr-o2.jpg
> I did update the firmware to the latest 2.15 so that may (or not) be causing
> it to report incorrectly.
> Downloading from my OSTC3+ diving with fixed setpoint (no connection to
> actual o2 cells) in ccr mode.
> It picks up that it is a ccr dive but the red setpoint line in the bottom of
> the profile is at 0 and the green o2 line follows depth when it should be
> table flat.
> It also make all the deco and tissue heatmap calcs all incorrect.
> In the past it picked up my fixed setpoint correctly and the red setpoint
> and green o2 line was drawn correctly as a constant flat line and the deco
> and tissue heatmap calcs were correct.
Would it be possible to make certain that this is not an OSTC software 
upgrade problem, since it used to work ok? In a nutshell, proper CCR 
representation is dependent on having the appropriate information (e.g. 
setpoint, O2 sensors, and cylinder pressure) in the dive log that is 
downloaded. Once the data are there, it is a relatively easy problem of 
parsing it into the existing Subsurface data fields and rendering it.
> Steve
Kind regards,

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