CCR testing and other observations

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Wed May 24 05:34:46 PDT 2017

Let me focus on the OSTC3 fixed setpoint issue.

On 24-05-17 12:30, Steve wrote:
> Using the latest 4.6.4 on Windows 10
> See attached screen capture: subsurface-OSTC3+ccr-o2.jpg
> I did update the firmware to the latest 2.15 so that may (or not) be causing
> it to report incorrectly.
> Downloading from my OSTC3+ diving with fixed setpoint (no connection to
> actual o2 cells) in ccr mode.
> It picks up that it is a ccr dive but the red setpoint line in the bottom of
> the profile is at 0 and the green o2 line follows depth when it should be
> table flat.
> It also make all the deco and tissue heatmap calcs all incorrect.
> In the past it picked up my fixed setpoint correctly and the red setpoint
> and green o2 line was drawn correctly as a constant flat line and the deco
> and tissue heatmap calcs were correct.

Yes, I can reproduce the issue on Windows 4.6.4. I dive a (Kiss) mCCR 
and combining it with an OSTC3 (not sure what the exact difference 
between OCTC3 and 3+ is; I am using a Bluetooth version, so I assume 
3+,). As Steve, I run the OSTC3 in fixed setpoint mode. Recently, I 
fixed some issues related to the fixed setpoint use of the OSTC3 (which 
involves both Subsurface code, as well as libdivecomputer code). So, it 
it supposed to work, but I can confirm that it does not. That is: on 
Windows only, as it is working fine on Linux.

So, my question for Dirk: are you sure that the correct libdivecomputer 
code is packaged with the Windows version of 4.6.4? I cannot help 
thinking of the recent build issue we had related to that Shearwater 
buffer overrun problem.


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