Tank use and gas consumption display Was: CCR testing and other observations

Steve stevewilliams at internode.on.net
Wed May 24 17:21:14 PDT 2017

On 24/05/2017 12:30, Steve wrote:

>>See attached screen capture: subsurface-error01.jpg
>>Seems I had an issue with unknown cylinder(s), and I have noticed that diluent and oxygen are now missing from the equipment cylinder "Use" list.
>>Error message:  unknown cylinder key/value pair (used/) I checked the xml file and found the cylinders were listed as free or free dive?
>>Removed the use manually and reloaded the xml log file and it has been ok since.

>> See image: CCR_dive_profile_f22.jpg
>> I have never been able to get my dil and 02 to show together properly as in the above image from the Subsurface user manual.
>> Not sure if that is related to not being able to select the proper gas use above?

>Steve, what rebreather are you diving?
>Poseidon MkVI is the only CCR that I know of that natively logs cylinder pressures. I assume this is purely an issue to download a Petrel dive into a CCR dive.
>We deal with Petrel logs used with APD Inspiration CCRs here, and of course there are no cylinder pressure data because they are neither measured nor recorded. As far as I am aware the display worked ok at least until very recently.

I am diving a Kiss Sidewinder and Kiss Spirit LTE.
The Petrel does not natively log cylinder pressures (although one of my backup computers the ix3m and ratio have just came out with pressure transmitters).
I do record the pressures manually at the start and end of the dive and input those in the equipment section so subsurface should be able to read and display them.

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