Download dives from dive computer on mobile, status report.

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Fri May 26 12:49:30 PDT 2017

On 26-05-17 18:11, Tomaz Canabrava wrote:
> Today I made  a breakthrougth and I can actually download the dives on 
> the mobile version.
> The code is 100% shared with the desktop version, so nothing new was 
> written to support that, this means that I kept code written to a 
> minimum (moving things around, creating some helper classes to deal 
> with desktop and mobile), for instance.
> Some points:
> 1 - the deviceName currently is hardcoded to "/tmp/ttyS1"
> 2 - I tested with the simulator since I don't have a BT hardware
> 3 - Bt is not done nor tested.
> 4 - The downloaded dives are not being save yet.
> I'm going to the Opensuse Conf this weekend, so I'm not sure if I will 
> have the time to hack on this on the weekend, but if you guys wanna 
> help, my branch is in / 
> DiveComputerQml
> picture to proof.
> Tomaz

I have tried the following:
1) mobile on desktop, reading from the libdc simulator => working (as 
2) mobile on desktop,reading from OSTC3 over BT. For this, I hardcoded 
the BT address of my OSTC, and set the BT mode to true (obviously). The 
OSTC goes correctly in download mode, and stays there for multiple 
minutes. The console finally shows "Finishing the thread dives 
downloaded 125". So, the next breakthrough today :-) The first download 
over BT from a real dive computer :-) And most impressive, without 
changing any of the code from Tomaz. Obviously, there is something 
needed: a progress (toast) style thingy, or any other indication that it 
is downloading. Further, I was downloading in my normal logbook, so I 
did not expect any dives downloaded that were already downloaded 
(without looking to any code at this point).
3) mobile on mobile ... ok, this is not working yet. I verified that 
pairing is ok, and I can trigger a download over my mobile (using 
terminal input), so raw serial traffic. So the two devices can 
communicate. It seems that subsurface mobile is not attempting any 

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