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Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at
Wed Oct 4 14:20:05 PDT 2017

Am 04.10.2017 um 23:13 schrieb Lubomir I. Ivanov:
> On 5 October 2017 at 00:09, Stefan Fuchs <sfuchs at> wrote:
>> I still see the crash. And I have further info:
>> The crash only happens if the dive where I do "edit dive site" is inside a
>> dive trip. Please see the example file attached which is good enough on my
>> side to reproduce the issue.
>> Again step by step:
>> - Open Test.xml
>> - Select dive 710
>> - Do "edit dive site"
>> - Press "Discard changes" either with or w/o editing
>> --> Crash
>> I got a little bit lost yesterday - too much traffic:
>> Did you confirm the issue I described above? Is it similar to
>> ? Or different
>> thing?
> seems like a different issue.
> can you reproduce a crash in the latest master?
Clearly yes. Checked a few seconds ago. Same sequence, same test dives
as described above. Still most important precondition: Dive has to be in
a dive trip to trigger the crash.

BTW: The other strange unmotivated crash at startup I reported yesterday
here is gone :-)

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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