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Wed Oct 11 15:51:12 PDT 2017

> On Oct 11, 2017, at 3:37 PM, Rick Walsh <rickmwalsh at> wrote:
> Being very very nitpicky, I noticed in section 14.1 that you spelt
> "behaviour" correctly, but earlier in you wrote "center" in American. I
> assume (but have no objection if we don't) we should be adopting American
> English throughout.
> Correct, we agree on American English for all documentation. Again, a
> patch would be most helpful.
> Sorry, I'm at work without my laptop with a build environment and will be getting ready to go away for a few days (without a computer) this evening.  I could send a patch next week, but it might be easier if one of you make those changes when you next edit the manual. 

Of course, no problem.

> Thanks for the kind words. I depart from the assumption that there is only one English language (my second language). Whatever else is used is just corruption of the English language. Since starting with the manuals I have attempted to be consistent because true English is spoken in many more countries than in the US and we want to avoid US-centric documentation. A significant part of the user base is in Europe. Therefore, for instance, no verbs with z's, etc. If I had a choice, I would correct the "center".
> I also favour English spelling.  You may be interested to learn that the Oxford style guide mandate's -ize suffixes, and the Oxford Dictionary lists -ise spelling as a variation.  I believe -ize is etymologically (and phonetically - but that's rarely respected in English spelling) more correct, derived from Greek, and the -ise spelling only became fashionable around the 17th century in an attempt to look French (even though the words are of Greek, not Latin origin).  For the record, the -ise spelling is far more common here in Australia.

This is one of those things... since the default English version of Subsurface and Subsurface-mobile is in en-US, the manual should be in en-US as well.
I'm happy to have a "translated" version for en-UK, though.

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