Dive planner VPM-B problems

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Mon Oct 16 06:31:31 PDT 2017

Attached two images of a mixed gas dive.

Plan1 is a first step of a multigas dive plan and the planner places 
some points above the ceiling. There are three issues to note:

1) The planner places the last number of points during which the 
violation occurs. If I change the conservatism to either 2 or to 4, then 
the violation disappears.

2) If I change the mix of the intermediate gas to 27/27, the violation 

3) The insane numbers for plan variations. This is a situation where the 
dive plan variations would be really helpful.

Two suggestions, not at stake at all for V4.7 (see Plan2):

1) I would like to insert a top row in the dive points table to 
accommodate a travel gas (27/27 in this case) and at this stage I 
cannot. It would be really helpful if there was a way to do this. As it 
is at present, I would have to delete the whole dive points table and 
start from scratch.

2) The minimum gas need is meaningless in this situation and I suggest 
that this calculation is only done for single cylinder dives.

Kind regards,


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