Import data from Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix

Berthold Stoeger bstoeger at
Mon Oct 23 12:39:17 PDT 2017

On Montag, 23. Oktober 2017 00:55:37 CEST Berthold Stoeger wrote:

> Only the dates are incorrect - I will try to figure out what is going on.

Sigh. This was probably also me sending random commands. :( It somehow reset 
the date to 1.1.2000 and I think this messed with the dive timestamps. In my 
dump I have e.g. 1119425450 for what should be 18.09.2017 1:32 GMT, but it 
returns 1515890085[*] for current time (after I reset to correct date). So I'm 
not going to look closer into this for now. Perhaps I'll try to do a factory 
reset later.

Nevertheless, in the attachments is my attempt at making the Aladin Sport 
Matrix work.

Disclaimer 1: I don't own a G2, therefore I couldn't test if it still works.
Disclaimer 2: Since I reset the ringbuffer, I could only test the "no dives" 
case for the patch as is. To test the import I had to inject my dump.
Disclaimer 3: Obviously cargo-culting here.


[*] Yes, this is the future according to the unix epoch.
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