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> This is a comment that always comes up when I talk about this.
> The challenge is that with the Subsurface Cloud I can at least fix
> problems on the backend. Which means if users get stuck, I can help.
> If we “support” random git repos, we will get loads of requests to help us
> with the backend side, from authentication to repo creation to connectivity
> to I don’t even know what else.
> And once that genie is out of the bottle, we won’t be able to put it back
> in. Multiply this by GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, “running my own git
> server”. And by Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. And you may see why I am
> very, very hesitant here.
> /D
I think a modified version of your response should go into the FAQ list.
If you're ok with that, I'll edit it on Github and do a pull request.

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