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Robert Helling helling at
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please excuse my ignorance but I did not really follow the discussion around making libdivecomputer a submodule.

Could somebody please summarise for my what I am supposed to do assuming I don’t touch libdivecomputer code?

Because what happened is that more than once I managed (by doing commit -as) to include chunk from libdivecomputer with some reference to a commit in my own commit (possibly by rebasing what I had onto recent master). I assume I am not supposed to commit that. Do I have to make sure manually not to include it (using git add -p rather than commit -a)? What is the supposed work flow?

Even worse, in my PR <> it seems I also have updates to libdivecomputer (unintentionally, didn’t touch). I guess the travis build failures are related to that but also me confusion here prevented me to finally merge this into master so I missed the cut for 4.7.8 (and yes, it introduces a string).

Any advice?


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