Formatting Dive tags string

Berthold Stoeger bstoeger at
Thu Apr 5 10:25:37 PDT 2018

Hi Jérémie,

On Donnerstag, 5. April 2018 16:58:47 CEST Jérémie Guichard wrote:
> Hello Thiago,
> In order to not mix the two topics in the same change, I decided to keep
> the conversion to QString as it was in the original code, see:
> ef3f0d2a1c1fe603f7/desktop-widgets/tab-widgets/maintab.cpp#L574
> 3ef3f0d2a1c1fe603f7/desktop-widgets/tab-widgets/maintab.cpp#L1529
> 3ef3f0d2a1c1fe603f7/qt-models/divetripmodel.cpp#L430 I can now prepare a
> follow up change that would deal with the issue you have raised, the
> advantage is that now it must be fixed in a single place :)

It's fine as it is, since all C-strings are supposed to be UTF-8 encoded. The 
only use I see for fromLatin1() et al. would be importing data from an 
external source that is not UTF-8.


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