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Mon Apr 9 13:21:13 PDT 2018

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> Still trying the latest APK on my phones.
> No way to download dives from my Petrel 2 on my 4 different phones.
> On a Google Nexus 5 only I don't get the BT FAIL error on my Petrel.
> IMHO On Subsurface the UI error message is fake: "no new dives were found
> on this device" but I don't think there was a real data transfer because I
> get the same error while downloading dives from my Samsung TV.
> What can I do to get the dives on my phone?
> I attached a screenshot of the app log.
> PS
> Why don't you use a text control hence text can be selected and copy
> pasted here?
> Thank you as always
> davide at mobile

Finally I got a partial download from my fifth device. An ancient nexus 7
tablet running Android 4.4.
Unfortunately it fails randomly and my Petrel shows "bt sending packet
No way to complete the download.
Subsurface download thread loops endlessly while the Petrel already quit.

Why I have to download all the dives from my Petrel while I miss only the
last three?

Would be nice if you could add a timeout during the transfer. I switched
off my petrel and tablet BT 30 minutes ago and Subsurface is still

Would be nice if complete dives of a partial download could be saved so I
could download some of them at the time.
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