Bluetooth fails on mobile

Davide DB dbdavide at
Tue Apr 10 07:42:13 PDT 2018

On 10 April 2018 at 16:10, Willem Ferguson
<willemferguson at> wrote:
> On a Samsung S6 (Android 7.0)  the phone sees my Petrel 2 and pairs to it.
> However, when downloading dives, the phone only sees a BTLE device and
> apparently cannot handle the BTLE mode (error 133). Have no idea why it
> doesn't  also see an ordinary BT device. Therefore no downloads.
> Kind regards,
> willem

Yes but how to save partial downloads?
If my Petrel has 100 dives on it and I miss just the last three of
them on my logbook why I have to download 100 dives.
Even the plain libdivecomputer utility has a lot of problem downloading them.



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