Mares Quad with BLE Interface

Allen Hall revenant83 at
Thu Apr 12 07:08:57 PDT 2018

I believe these are the characteristics for the Mares BLE Adapter.

Server: 544e326b-5b72-c6b0-1c46-41c1bc448118

Write: 99a91ebd-b21f-1689-bb43-681f1f55e966

Notify: 1d1aae28-d2a8-91a1-1242-9d2973fbe571

I think logs of the BLE communications might be stored on the iPhone... I will do some digging, but it may be a bit.  Let me know if there's anything else you need.

Sorry for responding to the wrong message -- I didn't subscribe to the list until some responses had already been posted.
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