Subsurface Mobile UI: Cloud sync / Offline mode wrong sidebar text

Davide DB dbdavide at
Fri Apr 13 00:43:02 PDT 2018

Hi all,

Maybe I'm getting old but playing with a fresh installation on my Nexus
tablet I realized that a menu items on the sidebar could mislead an average
joe like me.

Playing with BT download I did not understand why my dives where
automagically synced with the cloud. While seeing on the sidebar "Auto
cloud sync enabled" my log showed me a suspicious string "have cloud
credentials, but user asked not to connect to network"". Hummm...


Opening the sidebar menu "Dive management"  when the device is connected
with the cloud AKA automatic cloud synchronization is enabled I get:

The last item correctly indicates me that* if I press* "Offline mode" I
will disconnect from the cloud. In other words, text string shows the new
status I will go if I press that button.

Pressing the "offline mode button" I get no message and the UI become:

As you can see there is an error because the *Auto sync is not enabled now*
but if I will press the button I will enable the Auto cloud sync.
The correct text would be "Enable auto cloud sync". So it will be
consistent with all menu items: *the button text will always shows the
action, not the current state*.

There is another small error because now (I'm offline) when I press the
"Auto cloud sync enabled" button the UI will show me the "offline mode"
button but I get a completely wrong popup message:

It alert me that I'm going to disable auto sync which is not. This popup
should appear when I press "offline mode".

Of course we could choose to indicate the current status on that buttons
but it will break the overall meaning of other menu items. I guess the
error arose because the short "offline mode" text string is misleading by
itself. Maybe a more verbose like "Disable auto cloud sync mode" would be
better suited along "Enable  auto cloud sync mode". The popup should be
changed anyway.


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