Any brave dive computer download testers out there?

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Wed Apr 18 13:15:23 PDT 2018

>From phone. You guys in the developed world have resources for all the
latest kit. I my country iRda is commonly used. In addition the CCR
community worldwide often use iRda. It has a significant role to play at
least for the next 10 years. Therefore I strongly argue for the continued
support of iRda. Subsurface is not meant only for the divers with the
latest kit. Kind regards, willem

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>> >   Right, only bring back those pieces that are of interest. I'll take a
>> look
>> > at this, but I'm not really into bloated communication stacks... I'm
>> merely
>> > a low-level driver coder.
>> .......
>> It never worked very well even back then, but at least it made sense
>> to have IRDA as a networking stack.
>> Today, the _only_ user I'm aware of is old dive computers. It doesn't
>> make sense as a networking stack any more.
>>              Linus
> Is this a case where many hours of developer effort will be dumped into
> supporting an old obsolete group of dive computers?  Maybe the current
> version of Subsurface can remain available for users of the IRDA computers
> and new versions will drop this feature?
> I'm just not sure how many users have IRDA computers and it seems like
> developer time is better spent on supporting the up-and-coming computers
> which will be BT or BLE.
> ...Hartley
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